Kubija Nature Hotel & Spa -

Kubija Hotel & Nature Spa works in two directions: providing accommodation facilities with additional services (foodservice, caravans) and health related facilities (treatments, medical specialists committed to sleep health). Pintmann Grupp includes the Mae Pindmaa Sleep Clinic, specialized in sleep health and sleep studies. The company has the sole right of representation to ResMed breathing apparatus in Baltics.

Contacts: E-mail: info@kubija.ee,  Home page: www.kubija.ee

Phone: +372 786 6000 / +372 504 5745

Hotel Pesa -

Whether you are planning on a business trip,  a restful family vacation or looking for cultural experiences or just want to spend quality time with friends then Pesa Hotel is the perfect place to relax, have fun and draw energy from nature.We offer: ·         Accommodation,  A la carte restaurant, Meetings and seminars, Catering service,    Body treatments, Guided trips to Setomaa and  Pre-booked tours in South-Estonia (for example tour through the farms or most beautiful gardens in Põlva county)

Contacts: Email: kagureis@kagureis.ee Home page: www.kagureis.ee

Loodusturism OÜ -

Loodusturism Ltd is an organizer of Estonian nature tourism which offers a possibility of year-round enjoyment of nature. Experienced nature expedition guide helps to ride a canoe and kayaks on rivers and lakes, visit different moors on bog shoes or with snowshoes, or discover nature on hiking skates or hiking skis, kick sleds or kick bikes. Who have deeper interest in nature can participate in photo hikes or guided tours. We also organize deep forest trips that teach skills for surviving in nature.

Contacts: Email: info@loodusturism.ee Home page: http://www.loodusturism.ee/lv/

Traffic City -

Visit Traffic City and learn how to drive safely. It is one of a kind indoor traffic campus with working traffic lights and big bright city lights. Traffic City is like a real city. All the streets, crossroads, crosswalks, traffic signs, trees, grass and even the traffic lights are genuine. You can learn and follow the traffic rules right on the spot. You can also find a café, open-air cinema, discotheque, gym and many other places in the center, everything that a modern city has to offer. Adults can ride with big and children with small battery powered cars in Traffic City. Around 25 big and small battery powered bumper cars are driving around the city. There is also a gas station in the 1,200 square meters Traffic City, with the city views of the magnificent New York, where you can pretend to fuel the car.

Contacts: Email: info@noiariik.ee Home page: http://www.liikluslinn.ee