SIA ILGEZEEM produces and supplies two product lines of high quality: beer drinks with juices (honey, lemon, cranberry-apple, ginger-hemp, blackcurrant, cherry, cherry-hemp) and non-alcoholic beverages – kvass and malt beverages. Our production includes a full cycle – from manufacturing to packaging. The beer drinks are brewed according to a traditional recipe of light beer with addition of natural honey, which gives the beer a delicate, sweet taste. The non-alcoholic malt beverages are made from barley and rye malt. They are a good energy source, packed full of vitamins, minerals, starch, protein and trace elements. No preservatives, no flavour enhancers, no colorants added to our products.

SIA „ILGEZEEM“, address - Daugavgrivas str. 82, Riga, LV-1007, Latvia
Phone - +371 67458986, e-mail -


SIA RICBERRY is Latvian company which produces innovative, healthy and delicious treats from berries and fruits that grow in Latvia. In the result of “Gentle Technology”, products keep all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and of course fiber. Our candies and bars is the perfect way to obtain natural fiber.Products are fresh and juicy like if you would eat berries directly from the garden.

SIA RicBerry, address: "Dižoga", Vārve parish, Ventspils county, LV-3623
Phone: +37129102228, e-mail: 

Trademarks - RicBerry and Organic Garden

SIA TOP FOOD  is Latvian company, specializing in the production of smoked, non-smoked and crunchy cheeses. The company produces Chechil cheese braids (smoked and non-smoked), Cheese sticks, Cheese pearls, Cheese threads with different flavours and Crunhy cheese. All products are handmade, smoked on natural alder sawdust. One of the advantages of products is a long shelf-life.

SIA "Top Food", address: Tinuzu str. 3-5, Riga, LV-1021, Latvia
Phone: +371 27 070258, +371 29 757644, e-mail:

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