Hauka Farm OÜ
Contacts: Väike-Hauka farm, Hauka village, Kanepi parish, 63406 Põlva county,
+372 5541527 (Estonian, English, German, Finnish)
e-mail: haukafarm@gmail.com
Homepage: www.haukafarm.ee
Organic garlic products for speciality shops, private customers and companies business gifts

Taarapõllu Talu OÜ
Contacts: Taarapõllu farm, Kangsti village, Rõuge parish, 66103 Võru county, Estonia
+372 5216614
e-mail: info@taarapollu.ee
Taarapõllu Farm produces organic juices, juice drinks, confitures, jams, dried berries, berry crisps, berry powders, concentrates and syrup

Bacula AS
Contact: Aakre, Elva parish, 67201 Tartu county, Estonia
+372 767 9660
e-mail: moos@moos.ee
Homepage: www.moos.ee
Production of jams, juice concentrates and meat marinades. Main
customers – dairy industry (for yogurts, icecreams), confectioners, bakers, kitchens
of restaurants, cafes, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, care homes etc.

Talutoit OÜ
Contact: Jaama 52, Põlva, 63306 Põlva county, Estonia
+372 5206576
e-mail: talupood@gmail.com
Company runs Tillu Cafe in Põlva, South-Estonia. The bakers of Tillu are touring around, to pleasure their guest with homemade cinnamonrolls, variety of pies and handmade gourmet biscuits.