We believe that the best tool to present best practices and joint-venutres between Estonia and Latvia is short video story. Within the project is planned to make 6 videos with the participation of 12 Estonian and Latvian companies. These  companies practices and experiences are aligned how to work succesfully with cross-border partners. Videos will be practical and documental tools for improvement to all  companies interested about Estonia and Latvia economical cooperation.

What we offer:

How we work:

After very careful and comprehensive backround analysis and information collection having interviews with companies and their partners, manuscript is made. The story that we will tell have to answer most important questions – what is unique in the cooperation between EST-LAT company; how the cooperation started, how it is maintained; what benefits it have brought to both partners. 

All stories are unique, so as the approach to all pairs, that will be selected to the video subjects. When manuscrip is confirmed, we choose the shooting places, speaking persons are contacted and selected, video itself will be prepared. Process itself will take max. 3 weeks. All participating companies will get the video material and we encourage that it could be presented via all in use and most effective communication channels. We take care that technical solutions  fits to all modern social etc. networks.